Pally Agro Products Ltd is a Nigeria-based agricultural company encompassing various sectors of the agric-business industry:

Situated across approximately 7,500 hectares of farmland in Oyo State, Nigeria, our maize plantation has seen significant expansion. In 2023, cultivation covered 500 hectares, and this year, 2024, we are extending cultivation to 1,500 hectares, with ongoing land development for further expansion.

Pally Agro Products operates as a fully integrated entity, with our poultry unit serving as the primary off-taker for the maize harvest before distribution to other customers. Our poultry operations, encompassing Breeders and Broilers, boast a slaughter capacity of 1,000 birds per hour and an egg production unit with a capacity of 120,000 laying birds, located in Ogun State, Nigeria.


  • Food Processing
  • Palm Plantation for Palm Oil Production
  • Products including Banga palm fruit extract, plantain fufu, cassava fufu, and poundo yam.

Utilizing mechanical extraction methods, we procure soya bean oil from seeds, employing equipment sourced from Insta-pro USA. Following extraction, our oil undergoes refinement, culminating in the production of Tru-soya oil. Additionally, the by-product, soya bean mill/cake, serves as a key component in our feed mill for the poultry unit.

In our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented organic fertilizer plants to process waste materials, including chicken manure and factory waste, into organic fertilizers tailored for our plantation needs. A soil analysis report for the current planting season is provided herewith.

We are poised to introduce a line of seasoning and spices, further diversifying our product portfolio and catering to evolving consumer preferences.

By consistently integrating innovation and sustainability into our operations, Pally Agro Products Ltd remains dedicated to advancing agricultural practices while meeting the diverse needs of our customers.


Pally Agro Products Ltd is a modern farm specialized in the production of various forms of Agricultural products with impeccable food standards and nature–right philosophy. Our products are carefully developed and bred to international specifications by experts, ensuring consumers of affordable products with premium quality. Located in Abeokuta Ogun State, It is one of the fastest growing farms in, Nigeria situated on huge acreage of land for our palm trees and plantain plantation, soya oil, poultry, a large quantity of commercial egg production. Established in June 2009, Pally Agro Products Ltd has metamorphosed into an emerging, major force in the agricultural sector with a vision of providing customers and consumers with premium quality agricultural products at affordable prices while ensuring profit for their stakeholders and also providing a major employment opportunity. Pally Agro has grown over the years and now operate two farms which are located in Ibafo and at Ashipa village, near Abeokuta, Ogun State with our sales Head Office located in Olowora, Isheri area of Lagos State. Our goal is to become a recognized brand name in the provision/production of chicken, eggs, canned Banga, Palm Kernel and soya products across the world.


Pally Group is committed to leading the way in providing consumers worldwide with healthy, natural options and life-enhancing services that contribute to the overall well-being of humanity.


We are on a mission to provide high-quality products, certified in accordance with the strictest international standards, while remaining committed to the sustainable development of our environment and the respect for nature.


    • Customer focus 
    • Team work 
    • Commitment to achieving results 
    • Sustainability 
    • Interest in people 
    • Corporate social responsibility 
    • Quality and food safety 
    • Uprightness 
    • Professionalism 
    • Integrity 
    • Excellence

Providing holistic solutions

Pally Agro Products Ltd provides a holistic solution, underpinned by unparalleled agricultural expertise and proven quality assurance systems and procedure combined with an active management approach and reward based remuneration. Our unique production concept is tailored to suit our customers and the end users, ensuring that goals and objectives are achieved.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

Pally Foods aims to contribute positively to mankind, by way of providing quality food products to meet with the growing needs of the equally growing populace within and outside of the borders of this country and also to serve as a source of employment in the country. This we will achieve by continuous efforts towards acquiring of more modern facilities developed, continuous training of manpower and making sure that all necessary ends are met towards reaching our final consumers in good time. We are also looking at becoming one of the largest producers and distributors of premium quality food products in the continent.

The Pally Farm Products

Palm produces

Poultry products

Flour products

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